Burnham Park Yacht Club


Whether your interests lean toward cruising or racing, or both, there is much for you to enjoy.

The Burnham Park Yacht Club is committed to the enjoyment we receive from being on the water. From cruising to racing big boats through to   Junior Sailing.  We are currently planning cruising events and crew development seminars for both crews and skippers this Spring.

Looking for crew for your boat or crewing opportunities?

Fill out the form here to let us know your interest, and be sure to join our facebook group for regular updates!

BPYC Wednesday Night Beer Can Series

In addition to weekend offshore racing, the Burnham Park Yacht Club also provides a Wednesday Night Beer Can Series.  Bob Garrett will be the Beer Can Series Race Chairman.  For a great time all season long, try the Beer Can Series.

If anyone is interested we are looking to add Tuesday Night dinghy racing in the Club 420’s during the season.  If you are interested please let us know.

Planning and running the yacht club Sail Fleet program takes dedicated individuals who main goal is to see sailing program flourish at the yacht club.  If you are interested in helping please let us know.

BPYC Beer Cans are run by Sail Fleet Director – Bob Garrett

BPYC Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation (LMSRF)  Area III

BPYC runs 3 annual races, 2 buoy races and one long distance race.  Distance racers will want to participate in the club sponsored Michigan City to Chicago – Area III Race on June 3rd.  Buoy racers will want to put the following club sponsored races on their calendars:

Abe Jacobs

Winning the Abe Jacobs will place your name on one of the most prestigious trophies in the club.  At the end of the race, the club will open its   doors to all those who have participated for an awards party.

Michigan City – Chicago (PTP)

With issues at Michigan City, IN, BPYC has re-organized this race into a long distance race along the Chicago Lake front.  A short (35 miles)   distance race where many boats sprint up and down the Chicago lakefront for all to see.  Always a tactical decision needs to be made: will you take the scenic views of shoreline or go out on Lake Michigan to gain stronger winds.

Kathryn A. Zukasky Memorial Breast Cancer Awareness Regatta

This is an AREA III Regatta that BPYC runs.  The post race party is open to all boaters and benefits The Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness.  It is in memory of our dear friend, former BPYC member, and Race Committee Officer, Kathryn A. Zukasky.  We hope that many of you will come back to BPYC to have a great time and support a greater cause.

Midwest Open Racing Federation (MORF)

MORF is a voluntary organization of individuals interested in sailboat racing.  MORF is an “on-the-water” organization; we have no club house or   shore-side presence.  Our focus is entirely on organizing and running races for small and medium sized racer/cruiser type sail boats.

During the Chicago racing season from May through September MORF offers a full schedule of short-course and long-distance races conducted under the PHRF handicapping system.