Your child should come prepared for a day on the water. So pack for them a life vest, water bottle, sun screen, towel, hat, sunglasses, shoes that can get wet.

On Mondays YES, please have your child pack a lunch. Tuesday-Friday the Yacht Club provides lunch for the group.

We highly suggest wearing closed toes shoes on the water. For example tevas, water shoes, or an old pair of gym shoes.

Each student should have their own life vest. Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s) should be USCG approved and properly fitted at the store. USCG Type III PFD’s are recommended for sailing school. Prices usually start around $25/vest. We do have a few extras on hand for those who occasionally forget.

Instructors will perform a swim test of each student in their class. Swimming speed and proficiency are not being tested, instructors are looking at the students comfort in the water. Since the water is not bath or pool water and the water can be cold, also you can’t see the bottom. Basically, we are just getting your child use to the water.

We only take the children on the water if conditions are safe for their boats and level of experience. If the weather doesn’t allow, we combine classroom instruction and fun off-the-water activities to complete the day.