The Burnham Park Yacht Club welcomes all membership inquiries. There are several membership categories available ranging from Regular memberships to and including Social memberships. One does not have to be a boat owner in order to qualify for membership in the club.


Interested in learning more about membership?

Membership applications are handled expeditiously and the process is not intimidating.
Fees consist of an initiation fee, annual dues and monthly minimum spending.

Please contact us at (312) 427-4664 or fill out the form below and we would be pleased to discuss our membership opportunities with you.


Membership in the Burnham Park Yacht Club includes

  • Dining Room Service
  • Full Bar Service
  • Patio Service
  • Catering and Food Delivery to your Boat
  • Ice Delivery Service
  • Complimentary Tender Service
  • 24-hour shower and restroom access
  • Club Directory Listing
  • Club Burgee
  • Club Directory Advertising Opportunities
  • Monthly Club Newsletter
  • Meeting Space for Weddings, Showers, Business Functions
  • Educational Seminars
  • Sailboat Fleet Racing
  • Junior and Adult Sailing Schools
  • Power Fleet Cruising and Rendezvous
  • Auxiliary Club
  • Crew Opportunities
  • Discounted Mast Stepping
  • Bar, Galley and Patio Theme Parties
  • Central Location to the Museum Campus, Soldier Field and the Firstmerit Pavilion.
  • Reciprocity with other yacht clubs all over the world.