Burnham Park  Yacht Club

Wednesday Night Beer Can Racing

Burnham Park Yacht Club will again sponsor our Wednesday Night Beer Can Regatta. The Beer Can Regatta is an informal racing series for sailors to have a good time with their boat, family and crew.  Any BPYC member with a sailboat is invited to participate. The racing is casual, and it’s designed to make racing accessible to those new to the sport.  The race is officially run by Columbia Yacht Club and uses YachtScoring race management software.  Skippers must register with them at chicagobeercan.org.   The Columbia registration fee for 2018 was $75.  The cost for the 2019 season hasn’t been officially announced, yet.

If you are new to the program and would like to discuss the details, we would be pleased to get together with you and answer your questions. Just give us a call at the club or email our Beer Can Director, Bob Garrett.  If you are interested in crewing on a boat please sign up for our crew pool and we will get you on a BPYC boat.   Download the crew pool registration

If you want to get a feel for racing before getting started, we can help arrange for you to go out on other racers’ boats,

The 2019 Beer Can racing season will begin on Wednesday, May 15. The 15 race series runs May 22 through September 11.  There will be a “tune-up” (practice) race on May 15 and no racing on July 10 or July 17.

There are two “jib and main” sections, a T-10 section, and three spinnaker sections.  We anticipate around 10-15 boats in each section’s start, which makes for fun racing.

Starts are designed to be as easy as possible. Radio check-in will not be required and is discouraged.  The committee boat will make periodic courtesy radio announcements, including course, start times and any course changes.

The races start between 6:40pm and 7:10pm (depending on your section) and most are over by 9:00pm.  Most skippers and crew come to the Club after the race for special pricing on drinks and a simplified menu meal. Credit cards are accepted.  We announce the night’s results and present the awards as soon as possible after the race.  The food, drinks, awards and enthusiastic sailors result in lots of great conversation and fun.

To help pay for the rewards for the BPYC Beer Can after race party our skippers are requested to register for the races.  The application is available at the Club or you can Download the 2019 Beer Can Application here.

The registration fee of $25 will cover the BPYC costs of the regatta.

Contact Bob Garrett, Beer Can Director, with any questions or to discuss how to participate in BPYC’s 2019 Wednesday Night Beer Can Racing!

We look forward to seeing you at the starting line!